The metamorphosis of Law. From virtuality to reality
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definition and nature of law
natural law vs. positive law
legal interpretation
in abstracto interpretation
in concreto interpretation
legal argumentation
legal language


The present study aims at recreating the journey of law from its potential existence to reality. The author begins by ascertaining the necessity of law as a cause of its emergence in various non-positive forms in a pre-legal phase. However, law continues to develop in the form of positive law, thus giving way to potential conflicts between natural and positive law. These conflicts are essential for defining the true nature of law, which cannot be reduced to legal texts in force.
In the second part of the study, the author analyzes legal interpretation as the main tool for transposing law into reality. Viewed as partially overlapping concepts, law and legal interpretation are defined by their ability to generate arguments instead of clear rules.
As a final phase in the journey of law, the author underlines the importance of in concreto
interpretation in reconnecting positive to natural law. In this endeavor, reason is not sufficient for a
precise determination of meaning, adequate to the specific circumstances of the case. Intuition is the
only proper interpretative instrument for an exact discernment of the facts and for identifying the
most suitable solution for legal disputes.

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