La dame à la licorne
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juridical truth
comparative law
comparative methods
juridical realism


Globalization and being a part of the European legal bloc promised more zeal for the Romanian comparative study of law. This has not happened in the last decade, but it has not prevented the assertion of researchers passionate about the legal comparison. We review a particular work, essential and worthy of being remembered. 'Șapte dileme în teoria comparației' (Seven dilemmas in the comparative theory) is a collection of texts by Ms Raluca BERCEA focused on the comparative phenomenon, its categories, and its environment. Understanding law as a cultural phenomenon beyond the positivist horizon allows the author to attack the most challenging issues - the textual truth of the law, the mechanisms of comparativism and its methodology, the structure of comparative discourse, etc. Our invitation to read is justified by the quality of the writing and the richness of the ideas presented.
PDF (Română)
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