Journey through the past and the present. Marriage and matrimonial regimes
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Roman law
matrimonial regime


Marriage certainly has an interesting evolution, sometimes even spectacular. This institution, related to that of the family, has played an important role in society throughout the evolution of humanity, from a means of protection, to an alliance, reaching in our times a consensual union based on love.

Society and marriage, as we will see, have a parallel development and any change in the values of human society also determines changes in the definition of the concepts of marriage and family. For example, the decrease in women's dependence played a decisive role, as it participated morally and financially in the development of married life. The changes in the management of cultural and ideological family life bring us to our times when there is more and more talk about same-sex marriages.

Whether we call forth historical data or legal regulations, or whether we turn our attention to religion, literature, or art, marital union is the source of inspiration that has endured over time.
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