Authenticity of reference materials in graphoscopic expertise of the holographic will
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holographic will
authentic record
official record
record under private signature
reference material
comparison scripts
graphoscopic examination
reference writing
identification of a person
authorized forensic expert


The graphoscopic expertise of the holographic testament focuses, from a theoretical point of view, a multitude of legal and scientific aspects, but among all of them, the present study focuses on a defining one: the authenticity of the reference materials. In relation to this, since the practice does not follow a unitary direction, the specific terms, the responsibilities of the parties, the procedural elements, stages in the graphoscopic examination and types of conclusions are discussed, all on the still current background of the forensic identification of handwriting. We aimed, in the alternative, to differentiate between the identification of the titular of the holographic will and that of the person who wrote the holographic will, as an essential issue in recognizing its validity.
PDF (Română)
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