The competition policy of the EU in a pandemic context and business adaptation strategies
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EU Competition Policy
economic crisis
COVID-19 pandemic
social responsibility of companies
crisis management


The economic crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic and the armed conflict initiated by Russia in Europe has generated unprecedented challenges for businesses active on the European Internal Market and, as well, for political decision-makers at national and EU level.

The EU competition policy, like the economic policies of the Member States, had to adapt to the needs of the collaboration of companies intended to prevent major disruptions in productions chain, as well as in order to ensure fair access of consumers to essential products and services during this period.

Ensuring the flexible application of EU competition policy rules and regulations as well as finding new strategies for companies to adapt to the economic crisis, such as investments in social responsibility activities, research and development activities for the creation of innovative and efficient products, respectively in marketing can be the key for the management of the difficult economic situation and at the same time, can represent an opportunity for them to grow in the context of the economic recession.

The article at hand reproduces the major changes brought to EU competition policy in the context of the economic crisis and the importance that involvement in social responsibility activities can present from the perspective of crisis management by companies active at the European level.
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