The journal Caiete de Drept Penal (Criminal Law Writings), established in 2005, aims to provide a forum for the discussion of contemporary and cutting-edge criminal legal issues. The journal publishes innovative research and opinions of both legal practitioners and academics - professors and students of the Faculty of Law within the Babeș-Bolyai University and other national and international collaborators.

The journal (ISSN 1841-6047) is published by Universul Juridic Publishing House quarterly and is indexed in ERIH PLUS, EBSCO, SSRN, CEEOL and HeinOnline international databases. It has four sections: doctrine, case law, reviews and info.

Materials have to be submitted to the journal by e-mail at the following address: Authors are kindly requested to state their names, profession, academic or scientific title, the institutional affiliation, postal and e-mail addresses and a contact telephone number.

The journal only publishes papers in Romanian. Nevertheless, we accept manuscripts in other languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Hungarian). The articles will be translated in Romanian. The translation will be provided by the author or by the Editorial Board, with the consent of the author.

On the first page of each submitted article the complete title will be mentioned, both in Romanian and English. Each article will begin with an abstract drafted in Romanian and English, followed by a list of keywords (in the same languages).

Bibliographical notes must be complete and indicate the author’s name, the full title of the work, the issue and/or volume, the publishing house, the year and place of publication and the pages referred to. The acronyms will respect the system found in the journal.

This journal operates a double-blind peer review, meaning that the author’s identity is hidden from reviewers, and the reviewers’ identities are hidden from authors. Manuscripts are reviewed by two independent experts in the relevant area (from a different institution than the author's). The reviewers make a scientific assessment and a recommendation to the editors, taking into account the originality and the importance of the paper, along with the quality of the writing, including the existence of objective scientifical reasoning and coherent argumentation. The editor considers the manuscript and the reviewers’ comments before making a final decision either to accept, accept with revision or to reject a manuscript.

The duration of the process may vary, but the goal is that the author will receive a decision from the Editorial Board in 60 days from the moment when the paper was sent for review. After the decision to publish the paper, the author will be informed and the manuscript will enter the editing process.